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our love is madness [KidCrona]
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Shipping Wall



 (other OTP)



 (runner up OTP)

 (friggin break my heart why don’t you)

 (It is so important to me that these two remain dorky friends. Epitome of best friends right here.)

 (very lightly; they’re really cute tbh and there was some def canon crushing)

 (lightly ship)

 (I used to ship Johnkat, but not really anymore. Still think it’s a cute ship though.)


 (gross sobbing)

 (they would have been such great moirails, it’s such a shame…)


 (OT3, especially humanstuck)

 (so I saw this comic of dead TZ being welcomed to the afterlife by Nepeta and it just really stuck with me, I think they’d be really cute together and it’d just be a really nice reprieve from all the drama n shit Terezi has dealt with.)

 (shipped in aus, mainly humanstuck)

(ship em pretty hard but not quite OTP)

 (more heart ouchies)

 (kinda sorta OT3)

(uuugh how dare this ship be so tempting)

 (Vantases <> Maryams 4always)

Soul Eater


Uuuugh I have a TON more ships but I haven’t finished pixel edits so yeah.


Got Da Boo-ty by ManiacTenshi
Got Da Boo-ty
Is it pretty Karkat, is it fem-Karkat? Pick your poison.

I just felt like drawing Karkat in short shorts and decided to add some Halloween flair because inktober.

Karkat Vantas ==> Homestuck ==> Andrew Hussie
Shadow Dave - Fun in the Dark by ManiacTenshi
Shadow Dave - Fun in the Dark
Done in my livestream! Just a random little thing to practice for commissions~

Tumblr: crona-and-the-diamonds.tumblr.…

Dave Strider ==> Homestuck ==> Andrew Hussie

Brushes used: Smoke Brush Set by eMelody Abstract Brush Pack 01 by BVision

Commissions for $5!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 29, 2014, 4:07 PM

Example art:

Little Feferi by ManiacTenshi Awkward Sweethearts by ManiacTenshiShadow Dave - Fun in the Dark by ManiacTenshi

I'm only charging $5.00 per piece/character, and you can request two characters together for $10. They'll be fully colored just as the above piece, though depending on style preference, I can add more elaborate shading.

Preferred method of contact: Send a note or comment on this journal.

Acceptable requests: Any Homestuck character(s). Any Soul Eater character(s).

All of them will be in a similar style as the above art, the tiny chubby/chibi style, but you can request certain specifics such as color scheme, transparency, etc. Unlike the second example, it will be purely digital, not traditional. I repeat, only digital artwork, NOT traditional. Helpful info on requesting commissions here.

Payment method: I accept through paypal only, but you don't have to have a paypal account to use it. Helpful info on paying through paypal here.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you will consider commissioning me! image

Welcome to the Land of Gatherings and Myrtle~

My avatar was created by kittysophie as a commission.

Usernames you'll usually find me under include:
ManiacTenshi (main), ManiacTenshiMakenshi, TenshiMakenshi, Sakumie Tenshi, KuroTenshi-tan.
Been on deviantart since March 5, 2008.

For pairings/ships I'm into, you can check my Pairing Wall (it's on here, just scroll around). I am pretty shy, but very friendly.

I'm into just about anything art-related, especially literature, Japanese animation, and music. Psychology and culture really interest me as well. I'm up to date with Soul Eater, but some other fandoms I've either really been into or haunt include Homestuck, Naruto, Artemis Fowl, Left 4 Dead, and Supernatural. Feel free to ask me if I like something~ I tend to love psychological thrillers, realistic and deep romances, supernatural junk, zombie junk, and just about any story where things are intense such as life and death situations but well executed with likable characters (for games, think Silent Hill and L4D). I'm a drama lover, within my picky boundaries. I also have a soft spot for fluff like shoujo romances, again according to my specific tastes.

I just really like seeing characters suffer emotional turmoil that forces them to develop themselves and their relationships. I don't like gore, but I like horror, especially dealing with psychology and suspense. I just like a lot of things that provoke emotion and thought.

Sites I'm active on for my art/writing would be deviantART, FanFiction.Net, lunaescence, and Archive of Our Own. I also sometimes post stuff on LiveJournal and DreamWidth. My username is always one of the listed, with or without spaces. If my works are seen anywhere else, please notify me.


My views on Crona's gender/sex

I usually write Crona as female because Crona is feminine in my opinion, and I relate more to this. I have written Crona as male before and am not afraid to do so, but unless prompted to do it, I usually choose female. When talking about Crona, I tend to use gender neutral pronouns. When speaking to a friend who is using he/she/ze, I will likely use whatever that friend is using for the duration of our conversation.

Though I prefer female for Crona, it doesn’t matter to me what sex Crona is. Either way Crona is still Crona, regardless of society’s binary boxes. There is no official sex/gender for this character, so it's not worth arguing over.


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