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My views on Crona's gender/sex

I usually write Crona as female because Crona is feminine in my opinion, and I relate more to this. I have written Crona as male before and am not afraid to do so, but unless prompted to do it, I usually choose female. When talking about Crona, I tend to use gender neutral pronouns. When speaking to a friend who is using he/she/ze, I will likely use whatever that friend is using for the duration of our conversation.

Though I prefer female for Crona, it doesn’t matter to me what sex Crona is. Either way Crona is still Crona, regardless of society’s binary boxes. There is no official sex/gender for this character, so it's not worth arguing over.


Pairing Wall

This is a list of pairings in fandoms I focus on most often, both (romantic) and (friendship) I typically ship a character with only one other character, though some series/characters have exceptions.

= romantic shipping section
♥ = OTP
♦ = beloved other pairings
♠ = sometimes ship 'em
= friend shipping section
♦ = strong platonic/family bond

note: Though the symbols are based on Homestuck trollian romance, I'm using them a bit differently.

Soul Eater

Kid ♥ Crona, Stein ♦ Marie, Soul ♦ Maka, Black Star ♦ Tsubaki, Liz ♦ Human!Ragnarok, Ox ♦ Kim, Black Star ♠ Patty, Stein ♠ Medusa

Liz ♦ Kid ♦ Patty, Crona ♦ Ragnarok, Crona ♦ Maka, Marie ♦ Crona, Lord Death/Shinigami-sama ♦ Kid

The Hunger Games

Katniss ♥ Peeta, Finnick ♦ Annie

I support big sis Katniss always.


Sasuke ♥ Sakura, Naruto ♦ Hinata, Shikamaru ♦ Ino, Jiraiya ♦ Tsunade, Minato ♦ Kushina, Suigetsu ♦ Karin, Shikamaru ♠ Temari, Kakashi ♠ Rin

Naruto ♦ Sasuke, Naruto ♦ Sakura

Avatar: The Last Airbender / The Legend of Korra

Sokka ♦ Toph, Aang ♦ Katara, Zuko ♦ Mai

(Not too picky here; I like nearly all the ships.) I finishing catch up and my feelings have changed. OTP DAVEKAT ♥

Karkat ♠ Nepeta, Karkat ♠ Jade, Karkat ♠ Gamzee, Sollux ♠ Aradia, Dave ♠ Jade, Karkat ♠ John, Vriska ♠ Tavros

Karkat ♦ Sollux

Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki ♥ Haruhi

Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin

Levi ♥ Hange, Armin ♦ Eren, Ymir ♦ Historia, Eren ♠ Mikasa, Armin ♠ Eren ♠ Mikasa

Eren ♦ Armin ♦ Mikasa

Fire Emblem

Olivia ♥ Henry, Panne ♦ Gaius

Artemis Fowl

Artemis ♥ Holly


Nagisa ♥ Rei

Angel Beats!

Yui ♥ Hinata, Yuzuru (Otonashi) ♦ Kanade (Angel/Tenshi)

(not too picky here)

US ♦ Canada, US ♠ UK, Germany ♦ Italy, US ♠ Japan

Moirails (and stamps)


P.C.O.S. Awareness by GieGieScoliosis Stamp by stormietemperPanromantic Stamp by QunerdiDemiromantic Stamp by QunerdiSimply Sexual by skinnyveestampVegan Lubb by destructoPopI Support Equality by LiamJohansen:thumb281067825:Tokka stamp by 1FoxyladyStainxMarie - Stamp by FreeStamps:thumb122717487:Kid x Crona Stamp by GottlliebSpace Stamp by JFG107-StampsArtemis Fowl Stamp by nolightssSoul Stamp by Boredom-xDDeath the Kid-stamp by BiilaSoul x Maka stamp by LuvzKittenzSE: Shinigami-Sama Stamp by MammaCarnageSE: Shinigami-Sama Stamp 2 by MammaCarnageKiddo Stamp by DragonFirebenderChrona fan stamp 1 by LadyBeelzeI support friendship stamp by LadyBeelzeKidxCrona Stamp by xYourDearlyBelovedkirona icon by IceMagnetKid x Chrona Stamp by Ichigooneechan66I Support Crona by xYourDearlyBelovedKXC Stamp 03 by GottlliebDaft Punk Fan... stamp by redshadow-online

Welcome to the Land of Gatherings and Myrtle~

My avatar was created by kittysophie as a commission.

Usernames you'll usually find me under include:
ManiacTenshi (main), ManiacTenshiMakenshi, TenshiMakenshi, Sakumie Tenshi, KuroTenshi-tan.
Been on deviantart since March 5, 2008.

For pairings/ships I'm into, you can check my Pairing Wall (it's on here, just scroll around). I am pretty shy, but very friendly.

I'm into just about anything art-related, especially literature, Japanese animation, and music. Psychology and culture really interest me as well. I'm up to date with Soul Eater, but some other fandoms I've either really been into or haunt include Homestuck, Naruto, Artemis Fowl, Left 4 Dead, and Supernatural. Feel free to ask me if I like something~ I tend to love psychological thrillers, realistic and deep romances, supernatural junk, zombie junk, and just about any story where things are intense such as life and death situations but well executed with likable characters (for games, think Silent Hill and L4D). I'm a drama lover, within my picky boundaries. I also have a soft spot for fluff like shoujo romances, again according to my specific tastes.

I just really like seeing characters suffer emotional turmoil that forces them to develop themselves and their relationships. I don't like gore, but I like horror, especially dealing with psychology and suspense. I just like a lot of things that provoke emotion and thought.

Sites I'm active on for my art/writing would be deviantART, FanFiction.Net, lunaescence, and Archive of Our Own. I also sometimes post stuff on LiveJournal and DreamWidth. My username is always one of the listed, with or without spaces. If my works are seen anywhere else, please notify me.


Art Status~

Ask Me About Requests Stamp by AngelLale87Ask Me About Art Point Commish Stamp by AngelLale87Gift friends only stamps by AngelLale87Art Trade Closed Stamp by AngelLale87

I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy


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